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Red Wing Ignite 2016
3 minutes
Introduction to the products and services of the business incubator Red Wing Ignite in Red Wing, Minnesota.  Video produced by Promovideo.
Anchor 1
Welcome to Christ Church
5 minutes
Pastor recruitment video for Red Wing Church produced in 2015 by Tom Feehan of Promovideo.
Anchor 2
Hydratight Today
4 minutes
Four minute corporate overview video highlighting the products and services of Hydratight. Video was written and produced by Tom Feehan.
Anchor 3
Ricci in 60
1 minute
60 seconds of DL Ricci machining solutions from Hydratight.  Video was designed, shot, and edited by Tom Feehan of Promovideo.
Anchor 4
Hydratight Mining Minute
1 minute
60 second video showcasing the line of machines and services for the mining industry from Hydratight.  Video was designed, shot, and edited by Tom Feehan of Promovideo.
Anchor 5
RW Shoe Boot Camp
4 minutes
Red Wing Shoe Company animation produced by PromoVideo to promote new CFM process.  Created by and voice talent by Tom Feehan.
Anchor 6
Fair Trade Books RW
1 minute
Red Wing Minute about the hometown bookstore in downtown Red Wing.  Free book to all first time visitors.
Anchor 7
Promovideo Clients 
1 minute
Introduction to Red Wing businesses who have utilized the video creation skills of Promovideo.  Narrated by Charlie Boone.
Anchor 8
Anchor 9

Enjoy this 2000 Red Wing Visitors and Convention Bureau video "Remarkable Red Wing - The Natural Choice", all about everything to do or see in Red Wing, MN.  Produced by Promovideo and narrated by Charlie Boone, this timeless look at Red Wing shows why it is and always has been, a special Bend in the River to live and/or visit.

Red Wing PR Video - 15 min

This Red Wing Story is about a 75 year old Red Wing institution; Sturdiwheat.  Take a behind the scenes to look at how Sturdiwheat mix is made and eaten.

Sturdiwheat Process - 2 min
Anchor 10
Lets Talk Pancakes - 2 min

The secret recipe on how to make Sturdiwheats is being revealed in this video.  Izzy will explain the formula and display her love of syrup. 

Anchor 11
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