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Frances Densmore
RW's Dreamcatcher
7 minutes
2004 Grand Excursion Bend in the River performance at the Sheldon.  Background on the Dakota native people that first populated this area and Frances Densmore, the brave historian who saved their song for all time.  
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AP Anderson
Professor Puffing
9 minutes
2004 Grand Excursion Bend in the River performance at the Sheldon.   Short intro to the life and discoveries of Red Wing's own, AP Anderson, the founder of the original puffed wheat grain puffing process. 
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Charles Biederman
RW's Picasso
5 minutes
Charles Biederman; Red Wing's Picasso.  In a 2003 WCCO News report, we meet Charles Biederman in Red Wing and learn about his unique impact on global art.  Charles passed away in 2004 at his Red Wing home. 
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Eugenie Anderson
RW's Ambassador
9 minutes
Eugenie Anderson, Red Wing's Ambassador to the World. Eugenie became the first woman US Ambassador in 1944. Daughter-in-law to AP Anderson, she served a local, state-wide and International role in politics for over 3 decades. Watch Eugenie get interviewed in very early television (1951) then hear testimonials from Minnesota's DFL founders about the critical role she played (and others in Red Wing) in shaping the Minnesota DFL.
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Red Wing's Nuremberg Judge
Judge William Christianson
5 minutes
From 1947-49 Judge William Christianson of Red Wing was an International Judge at Nuremberg, Germany for the Nazi War Crimes Tribunal.   Here are 5 minutes of recollections from Bill, his son, who went to Germany with the family for the 3 years of trials.  Judge Christianson also served as Red Wing City Attorney, Asst. Goodhue County Attorney, Mn Supreme Court Judge and 1st District Judge.  Produced by Promovideo (RWS #4).
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Red Wing's General
General Lauris Norstad
5 minutes
Meet Red Wing's General Lauris Norstad, an airman, strategist and diplomat, one of our countries great military leaders and a 1925 RWHS grad (and All-Star Student).  Norstad played a key role in WW2 air strategy and eventually became head of NATO Forces. Globally respected, in Red Wing General Norstad will always be "Lally".
RWHS Wall of Honor Recipients up to 2000
3 minutes
See the plaques of all the Red Wing Wall of Honor recipients up to the year 2000.  Also lists RWHS All-Star Students.  Video was part of the 2000 Red Wing All-School Reunion. Video hosted by Jerry Borgen.
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