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Red Wing Stories

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RW Button Hook Primer
4 minutes
City Planner Brian Peterson gives us an overview of the new river bridge focusing on the Button Hook exit into Red Wing that is just now beginning construction (RWS #1)
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Small Business Revolution
6 minutes
Highlights from the 2017 Red Wing community gathering for the final announcement as to the winner of the Small Business Revolution Season #2.  Red Wing finished second (RWS #2).
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Bye Bye Blue Brick Building by Bluff
3 minutes

Bridge Update Video #2.  Since 1946 this Blue Brick Building at the the bottom of the bluff next to the bridge, has occupied an important piece of Red Wing real estate.  Soon it will be brought down in prep for the new bridge's Red Wing Button Hook.  Video host is building owner Larry Langer who gives the building a fitting farewell. Video produced by Promovideo (RWS #3)

Anchor 4
Red Wing Nazi War Judge
5 minutes
From 1947-49 Judge William Christianson of Red Wing was an International Judge at Nuremberg, Germany for the Nazi War Crimes Tribunal.   Here are 5 minutes of recollections from Bill, his son, who went to Germany with the family for the 3 years of trials.  Judge Christianson also served as Red Wing City Attorney, Asst. Goodhue County Attorney, Mn Supreme Court Judge and 1st District Judge.  Produced by Promovideo (RWS #4).   
Anchor 5
The Sturdiwheat Story
3 minutes
Learn about the processes and people behind Red Wing's own, Sturdiwheat Pancake Mix.  Produced by Promovideo (RWS #5).   
Red Wing's General Norstad
5 minutes
Meet Red Wing's General Lauris Norstad, an airman, strategist and diplomat, one of our countries great military leaders and RWHS Grad in 1925.  Globally respected, in Red Wing General Norstad will always be "Lally". 
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