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Historic Red Wing Business Videos

SB Foot Tanning Co.
1950s Training Video

41 min

1950's training video on operations at the SB Foot Tanning Company in Red Wing.  Music added by PromoVideo

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Red Wing Shoe Film


17 min

1926 training video on operations at the Red Wing Shoe Company.  Music added by PromoVideo

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This is Our Town
Red Wing 1953

23 min

The Our Town series is all about US towns and the people within them.  Produced in the 1950's all across the US by Robert Carson, these quaint stories helped tell what makes their special corner of the world unique. 

The Last Red Wing 
Pottery Strike - 1967  6 min

Pottery has always been synonymous with Red Wing and here is the story on the end of pottery production in Red Wing. The final pottery strike in 1967 shut down 100 years of making plates, dinnerware, crocks and ash trays and ended a Red Wing institution. See and hear this musical story of the final days of pottery production in this 2005 Bend in the River production of "Taking Care of Pottery" in Red Wing. Narrated by Charlie Boone.

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RW Shoes Infomertial


1 min

Watch a Red Wing Boot get sawed in half during this 1 minute infomercial produced by the Red Wing Shoe company

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