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Proposed Ash Mining
of Incinerator Waste
5 minutes
Red Wing City Council is considering approving a project to mine incinerator ash in RW.  With little benefit and much risk this project should be stopped now.  Learn here from Red Wing activist Alan Muller as he answers 5 questions about this ill fated project.  Call your council person to say no to ash mining in RW.
New RW Bridge Animation
1 minute
New Bridge Animation from MNDOT about the new river bridge just starting construction in Red Wing.  Mississippi River bridges in Hastings and Winona have both been recently replaced.
Anchor 2
Holiday Stroll 2016
2 minutes
Short montage of the events and activities at he 15th annual Red Wing Holiday Stroll in downtown Red Wing.
Anchor 3
Small Business Revolution
6 minutes
Highlights from the 2017 Red Wing community gathering for the final announcement as to the winner of the Small Business Revolution Season #2.  Red Wing finished second.
Anchor 4
RW Button Hook Primer
4 minutes
City Planner Brian Peterson gives us an overview of the new river bridge focusing on the Button Hook exit into Red Wing that is just now beginning construction.
Anchor 5
Bye Bye Blue Brick Building by Bluff
3 minutes
Bridge Update Video #2.  Since 1946 this Blue Brick Building at the the bottom of the bluff next to the bridge, has occupied an important piece of Red Wing real estate.  Soon it will be brought down in prep for the new bridge's Red Wing Button Hook.  Video host is building owner Larry Langer who gives the building a fitting farewell. Video produced by Promovideo.   
Anchor 6
RW ELC Raise the Roof
 2 minutes
Red Wing ELC (Environmental Learning Center) community celebration fundraiser on 4/21/17 to build a new pole shed to house all it's nature education materials at their Guernsey Lane facility.  Learn more at;  
Produced by Promovideo.
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Red Wing Crime Stoppers
 41 minutes
Red Wing Police Officer Tim Bohmbach provides a wide range of tips and tools for retailers on how to avoid crime and what to do if your are involved in a crime.  Presented to Red Wing Chamber members at a "Lunch and Learn" on 4/27/17. 
Produced by Promovideo.
Anchor 8
Household Hazardous Waste
2 minutes
Willie Root from Goodhue County hosts this introductory video about the Household Hazardous Waste Collection Program.
Produced by Promovideo.
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Anchor 10
Bridge Open House 5/3/17
61 minutes
Bridge open house meeting in Red Wing providing detailed information about the 4 year construction project.  Meet the officials and contractors doing the work and learn about the design and construction process.
Produced by Promovideo.
Anchor 11
Bridge Groundbreaking 5/26/17
12 minutes
Watch the recent (5/26/17) Red Wing Bridge Project Groundbreaking at Levee Park in Red Wing.  Hear highlights of speeches from local, state and national officials and see actual shovels meeting dirt as we kick-off official construction of the Red Wing Bridge Project. Only 4 more years till completion.  Video by Promovideo.
Memorial Day Flag Display
3 minutes
Edited video of the flag tribute at Baypoint park.  Display sponsored by Beyond the Yellow Ribbon and Red wing Area Seniors
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Anchor 13
Pottery Museum School Tour
3 minutes
Learn about school tour programs at the Pottery Museum of Red Wing.
Anchor 14
Red Wing Holiday Stroll 2017
3 minutes
Enjoy the best of the season with highlights of the 2017 Red Wing Holiday Stroll.  Video produced by Promovideo.
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