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All School Reunion Opening Montage
3 min 

Opening Montage video showing the wide array of school activities and history at the 2000 Red Wing High School All School Reunion.  Introduced by Jerry Borgen.

All School Reunion Closing Montage
3 min 

Closing Montage video showing the many varied activities and participants at the 2000 Red Wing All School Reunion.  Introduced by Jerry Borgen.

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School montage video with sports, music, classroom and more highlighting the many varied activities and participants at Red Wing High School.  Introduced by Jerry Borgen.

RWHS Activities Highlights 1999-2000
7 min
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Red Wing High Sporting Champions
7 min

Quick look at some of the most significant moments in Red Wing Sporting History up to 2000.  Introduced by ski jumping legend, Jerry Borgen.

Video hosted by Jerry Borgen at Soup Winblad's annual gathering of Red Wing sporting royalty. Soup discusses the 2 State Runner-up teams and we meet his favorite guy, Coach Lloyd Holm.

Soup's Lunch - RW Sports Greats
12 min
Anchor 5

Quick look at the history of Red Wing School buildings as part of the 2000 All School Reunion. Introduced by Mr. Red Wing, Jerry Borgen.

History of Red Wing School Buildings
3 min

Video listing RWHS all-star students and showing plaques for those inducted into the Red Wing Wall of Honor.  Introduced over Red Wing by Mr Red Wing, Jerry Borgen.

RWHS All-Star Students and WOH
3 min
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1 minute to introduce a century of Red Wing School Superintendents from 1900-2000. Introduced by the super Jerry Beeeee.

RW Public Schools Superintendents
1 min
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RW Public Schools Foundation
9 min

Red Wing Public Schools Foundation first promotional video produced by Promovideo in 1999.  Narrated by Charlie Boone of WCCO.

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