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1998 Governor's Fishing Opener in Red Wing Videos

Fishing Opener Sign Montage
2 min

With background singing from the Red Wing Singers, at the 1998 Governor's Fishing Opener in Red Wing, here is Route #61 (not Route #66) which displays Red Wing businesses and their good spirited signs for the event and for Governor Arne Carlson.

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1998 Governor's Fishing Opener in Red Wing. Follow Governor Arne Carlson as he takes the paddle boat from Hastings to Red Wing and starts the official fishing weekend by saying lots of great things about one of his favorite towns, Red Wing.

Governor Paddleboats to Red Wing
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Guides Dinner- Kickoff for Opener

1998 Governor's Fishing Opener in Red Wing.   Guides dinner with co-chairs Lt. Governor Joanell Drystad and Joe Goggin and lots of fishing talk.

Finally the moment of truth, Governor Arne Carlson wets a line to see if Red Wing's Ralph Diercks fishing magic can help Arne break his 0 for 8 opener record for catching any fish.  Also see video of the Governor's wife, Susan Carlson hosting a bike trail ride on the Cannon Valley Trail.

Opener Morning and Bike Ride

Governor Arne Carlson celebrates his fishing opener in Red Wing at the closing celebration dinner.  Includes the Red Wing Singers, Jerry Borgen and many local dignitaries and speeches and Boone and Erickson (WCCO) clowning with the Gov and Joe Goggin.

Fishing Opener Celebration Dinner
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As part of the Fishing Opener, the Governor (and a full house) took in the RWHS Production of "Oklahoma" at the Sheldon Theater in Red Wing.  He and others spoke of arts after the show.

Gov to the Sheldon for "Oklahoma"
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Governor's Fishing Opener 1998 - Kids Events at Red Wing High School and Rotary Fishing Contest at Pottery Pond.

Kids Events and Kids Fishing Contest

A century old rivalry between Red Wing and Stillwater was brought to life again in 1998 for a boat race on the Mississippi as part of the Governors Fishing Opener. The home team Wingers paddled just a bit harder to win the race and keep the championship jug.

Boat Race - Red Wing vs Stillwater
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Governor's Fishing Opener media coverage (1998) including long KARE11 noon and six news segments with many Red Wing citizens and businesses.

Media Coverage Red Wing Opener
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